Supporting Education and Good Citizenship

The Hevrdejs Foundation is 501 C family foundation founded in Houston, Texas in 1988. Our primary mission is to assist worthwhile organizations whose goals are the support, development and encouragement of primary and secondary education, especially directed toward communities with high populations of economically and socially disadvantaged youth.

Numerous studies have detailed the challenges within the American education system, in particular, how challenging it is for many students to gain skills in mathematics, science, writing and problem solving. We believe that having the ability to solve problems, communicate and synthesize information is the cornerstone of learning and a necessary skill to effectively participate and contribute to society. Therefore, we encourage grant requests specifically designed to improve the academic skills needed to become productive adults.

In addition to our academically oriented primary goal, we believe that exposure to cultural activities enhances and expands education. A portion of our annual budget is designed to bring cultural experiences to under-served youth in the communities in which we operate.